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Documenting how I'm reducing my environmental impact: Earth Lover

Senior Designer at Treehouse, an online technology school that offers courses in web design and development.

Web Development Advisor at Better Eating International, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that seeks to inspire compassion for all animals through inclusive and empowering vegan education.

Mentor at Re-create, a resource which connects designers for mentorship opportunities.

Freelance Designer available for illustration work. Email me


Designer at SimilarWeb, Quettra (acquired), Visa, and Carnegie Mellon University

Design mentor at Designlab

BFA from Rhode Island School of Design

Past Exhibitions


Have You Heard Us Yet?

A collaborative, all-woman group exhibition with 10 writers and 15 visual artists; collaborating but having never met! The show is centered around what women’s​ hopes are for 2018 in regards to equality as well as being a voice for the issues that they feel have largely not been heard, digested, and acted upon by those currently​ in power within our society.

Abrams Claghorn Gallery, Albany, CA - website


New Works, New Problems

"This exhibit brings together a group of artists whose visual languages are variously tempered or liberated by the mash-up culture in which we live; a culture that at times anoints absolutes and 'correctness' even as it evaluates the innumerable outcomes, solutions and potentials derived from personal, cultural, historical, and scientific sources." - Adam Welch, PF/PCA Curator

Pittsburgh Filmmakers, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts - website


Back in tha day

  • 2009: Senior Invitational, Woods-Gerry Gallery
  • 2009: Senior Thesis Painting Show, Memorial Hall Gallery
  • 2009: Senior Painting Show, Woods Gerry
  • 2009: Choice Goods, Memorial Hall Gallery
  • 2008: The Five Unknowns, Memorial Hall Gallery

Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI - website

Text-y Thangs

In the news!

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New Abrams Claghorn Gallery Exhibit Pairs Artists and Poets

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Written by my hands

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