Hope Armstrong
01 04


To create an iOS app with the ability to search for mixtapes, create mixtapes, and add personalized recordings when sharing mixtapes with friends.

My responsibilities within this project: UI Design, Interaction Design

02 04


This was a proposed project and ultimately didn't go live.

03 04


I did research to observe other mixtape apps on the market, and used that information to define a unique brand. I created a brief style guide as a starting point for building out the brand. Then, I created a user flow to determine the interaction in the app. I started working on wireframes to determine the organization of information, and then built upon those to create mockups. I created a prototype in InVision to get a feel for the app in use.

04 04


MixBase Branding

Defining a brand

MixBase for iOS

MixBase on iPhones

MixBase User Flow

User Flow

MixBase Wireframe


MixBase Wireframe


MixBase in Hand

On an iPhone, in a Hand


Hope Armstrong

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