Hope Armstrong
01 04


PlaySpan is part of Visa which provides a white label solution for game publishers to use in their games for global online payments, distribution of virtual goods, subscription sales, and so on. PlaySpan needed an updated refresh of their website to coincide with a release of new features.

My responsibilities within this project: Visual Design, Interaction Design

02 04



Visa is a financial services corportation that facilitates electronic funds transfers throughout the world. Ultimate Game Card was a part of PlaySpan (a division of Visa that focuses on digital goods and payments) that was a pre-paid game card.

03 04


First, I drew wireframes and came up with the layout and flow of the UI. Then, I prepared the graphical assets and found appropriate stock photography. For the development, I started with an existing template and then changed it to better fit the needs of the content and project goals.

04 04


Final design

Final responsive design (in production)

Final design for mobile

Final responsive design on mobile (in production)


Hope Armstrong

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