Hope Armstrong
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Quettra Portrait: Giving developers the power to understand the users who have installed and uninstalled their apps helps drive in-app personalization, recommendations, and overall user experience satisfaction.

My responsibilities within this project: Graphic Design, Illustration

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Quettra is a mobile intelligence company. It is building software that runs on hundreds of millions of devices while processing and organizing tens of terabytes of user portraits daily. The software and systems that they are building help serve personalized content and meaningful experiences at lightning speeds to users of their partners’ applications.

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After establishing the budget for the project, the client and I agreed on the number of inks and number of t-shirts to produce. Since I wanted the design to be screenprinted on a t-shirt with a dark wash, there was an initial printing of the design with white ink to establish a solid base for the actual layer of the design to sit on. This allowed the print to be bold and not get dulled by being soaked into the fabric. The ink colors were chosen based on Quettra's color palette. Since the palette only included CMYK and hex colors, I compared them to PMS colors to choose the appropriate matches. The lighter grey is Pantone Cool Gray 1 C, and the darker grey is Pantone 424 C.

The concept behind the design is that Portrait generates a web of connected personas and interests to build a "portrait" of each app user. So, I used icons that I created for the taxonomy page and used lines to connect them while also creating the shape of the Q from the Quettra logo. This reinfoced the brand while also communicating what Portrait does.

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T-shirt design on white

T-shirt design on white

Final t-shirt design on a person

Final t-shirt design on a person


Hope Armstrong

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