Hope Armstrong
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Quettra Research publishes insights about the app ecosystem which have been gleaned from mobile install and usage data from hundreds of millions of Android devices spread out in more than 150 countries.

My responsibilities within this project: Graphic Design, Illustration

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Quettra is a mobile intelligence company. It is building software that runs on hundreds of millions of devices while processing and organizing tens of terabytes of user portraits daily. The software and systems that they are building help serve personalized content and meaningful experiences at lightning speeds to users of their partners’ applications.

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I reviewed the data with one of Quettra's data scientists, and we decided to feature the top U.S. cities with the highest food delivery app usage. The final list included New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Charlotte, Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Seattle, and Los Angeles. I decided to create vector illustrations for the foods that represent each region. For example, I drew deep dish pizza for Chicago and coffee for Seattle (due to Starbucks being based out of there). The infographic was published on the Quettra Research website.

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Final Infographic

Final Infographic


Hope Armstrong

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