Hope Armstrong
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Quettra needed a sign to brand their booth at conferences and career fairs. I designed a 6 foot tall retractable banner to be re-used for these types of occasions. The concept behind the design is based on Quettra's first product, Portrait. Portrait creates a "portrait" of each user which includes the concept of personas. The personas are shared with the app developers that use Portrait, and that helps apps personalize content for each of their users.

My responsibilities within this project: Illustration, Graphic Design

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Quettra is a mobile intelligence company. It is building software that runs on hundreds of millions of devices while processing and organizing tens of terabytes of user portraits daily. The software and systems that they are building help serve personalized content and meaningful experiences at lightning speeds to users of their partners’ applications.

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I created a design in Adobe Illustrator for the 6 foot tall retractable banner. I used CMYK colors and created a vector design which resulted in a crisp printing. I added a bleed to the design so that the design would print to the edges of the sign for a seamless effect.

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Final Banner Design

Final Banner Design


Hope Armstrong

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