Hope Armstrong
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Quettra Portrait: Giving developers the power to understand the users who have installed and uninstalled their apps helps drive in-app personalization, recommendations, and overall user experience satisfaction. Quettra needed a page to show the taxonomy of the data, so I created the icons and developed the page.

My responsibilities within this project: Visual Design, Interaction Design, Icon Design, Front-End Development (HTML and CSS)

02 04



Quettra is a mobile intelligence company. It is building software that runs on hundreds of millions of devices while processing and organizing tens of terabytes of user portraits daily. The software and systems that they are building help serve personalized content and meaningful experiences at lightning speeds to users of their partners’ applications.

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I created icons for each persona in Adobe Illustrator. Some of the icons are deriviatives of the open source Font Awesome icons I developed a masonry style cascading grid layout for the persona icons and then listed the interests below.

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Quettra taxonomy page

Quettra taxonomy page (in production)


Hope Armstrong

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