173 minutes

Ethical Design

Designing technology comes with tremendous responsibility. In this introduction to Ethical Design, we'll reflect on how tricky interfaces and dirty data practices have negative consequences on society. Ethical frameworks and tools will be shared so you can evaluate and align your actions with your values. Techniques for effective advocacy will enable you to nurture human-centered decisions in your organization. This course is for everyone who works in tech, regardless of their role.


64 minutes

Designing Interactions

Learn the principles of Interaction Design, including the five dimensions, interaction models, and cognitive psychology. Apply those principles by learning how to design interactions in a design program.


42 minutes

Conducting User Interviews

Learn how to validate product ideas by identifying an audience, sourcing participants, conducting user interviews, and analyzing the results. Co-authored with Tomer Sharon.


182 minutes

Typography for Designers

Typography is one of the most important aspects of good design. In this course, you'll learn all you need to know about creating good typography as a UX Designer: how to choose a typeface; what to look for when laying out type, how to create typographic hierarchy, laying out type, and creating responsive typography. Co-authored with Mattox Shuler.


35 minutes

User Onboarding

User onboarding optimization has a huge impact on user retention, allowing users to more quickly engage with a product and understand its value. We'll take a look at several user onboarding patterns.


72 minutes

Collaborating with Developers

Designers: learn how to involve developers throughout the design process, from conceptual brainstorming to implementation in code.


139 minutes

Introduction to Wireframing

Wireframes are a valuable tool for visualizing user experiences, iterating on ideas, and sharing ideas with others. The best way to sort through your design ideas is to brainstorm. Wireframes are a visual artifact of brainstorming, and the goal is to make them with minimal effort, as to encourage ideation.



25 minutes

Designing Dynamic UI States

When designing views in a website or app, it's common to think about the ideal state first. Content perfectly fills the UI, graphs are visualizing data, the user has familiarity with the tool, and the full functionality of the product is apparent. However, there are many more states to anticipate, from onboarding new users to helping more seasoned users discover new functionalities and manage copious amounts of data. In this workshop, you'll learn how to design UI for dynamic app states.


11 minutes

Practice Creating UX Content

Practice creating UX content. You'll be given two companies with differing brand personalities, and you'll create UX content for their product pages.


26 minutes

Handling Feedback as a UX Designer

This workshop prepares new designers for handling feedback on their work in a diplomatic, effective, and professional manner.


6 minutes

Before and After: Typography

In this practice session, improve the typography on a news website.


17 minutes

Presenting Design Ideas

Learn how to effectively present your design process to stakeholders so you can communicate a vision. Define the agenda, set the project goals, share your research, compare iterations, navigate feedback, and create a path for next steps.


18 minutes

Designing for User Roles

Delve into the nuances of building a product for multiple audiences. Learn how user roles are defined and used. Recognize the importance of providing various permission levels, learn best practices, and analyze how B2B (business-to-business) products serve many types of users.


6 minutes

Receiving UX Feedback by Example

See positive ways of handling different types of feedback on your designs, including constructive, negative and prescriptive feedback.


5 minutes

Before and After: Layout

In this practice session, practice improving the layout of an iOS education app.


37 minutes

Creating Mockups

Learn how mockups are used in the design process, and discover techniques for bringing them into your workflow. Practice transforming a set of wireframes into realistic depictions of the app by applying visual design styling and using Appleā€™s UI Kit for Adobe XD.


11 minutes

Solving Problems with UX Design

Product design is about solving problems. Learn how to identify problems, understand the difference between "needs" and "wants," and how to convert a problem statement into a hypothesis you can test by with user research. Co-authored with Tomer Sharon.


3 minutes

Collecting Design Inspiration

Collecting design inspiration is a fun way to get fresh ideas! It also helps you stay current with design trends and become aware of emerging design patterns. The goal is to collect designs that spark your own creative ideas.


7 minutes

Before and After: Color

In this practice session, practice improving the use of color in a chat app.


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