Hope Armstrong
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As a side project, I wanted to write, illustrate, and self-publish a childrens book. It had been a goal of mine to do this, and I was excited about the opportunity to create illustrations for print.

My responsibilities within this project: Illustration, Graphic Design

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Personal Project

I did this as a personal project and self-published a few for friends.

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I wrote the book and then created illustrations to match the writing.

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The Big Count Cover

The Big Count: Cover

The Big Count Endpaper

The Big Count: Endpaper

The Big Count One

The Big Count: One

The Big Count Two

The Big Count: Two

The Big Count Three

The Big Count: Three

The Big Count Four

The Big Count: Four

The Big Count Five

The Big Count: Five

The Big Count Six

The Big Count: Six

The Big Count Seven

The Big Count: Seven

The Big Count Eight

The Big Count: Eight

The Big Count Nine

The Big Count: Nine

The Big Count Ten

The Big Count: Ten

The Big Count Eleven

The Big Count: Eleven


Hope Armstrong

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