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Visa's Ultimate Game Card was a pre-paid gaming card with broad international coverage and a retail distribution of 100,000+ stores/resellers globally. The marketing department needed branding for multiple campaigns throughout the year. The purpose of the campaigns was to promote the game card. For consumers who used the Ultimate Game Card, in-game rewards were offered for many of the partner games.

My responsibilities within this project: Illustration, Graphic Design

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Visa is a financial services corportation that facilitates electronic funds transfers throughout the world. Ultimate Game Card was a part of PlaySpan (a division of Visa that focuses on digital goods and payments) that was a pre-paid game card.

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For each campaign, I created a few concepts and presented them to the key stakeholders at Visa. Then, I iterated on the chosen design and submitted it to Visa Branding and the Visa Legal department for final approval. I developed a landing page for each campaign, which featured all the promotions and provided information about where to buy the gaming cards. I also designed printed collateral such as posters, POS designs, and updated card designs for Walmart, GameStop, EB Games, and other stores globally.

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Free to Play campaign final

Free to Play campaign: final illustration

Free to Play campaign gems

Free to Play campaign gems (for use in the collateral)

Treasure box

Treasure box (The coins were used to place promoted game logos on.)

Swag Not Lag campaign illustration

Swag Not Lag campaign: final illustration

Swag Not Lag campaign landing page

Swag Not Lag campaign landing page

Swag Not Lag campaign landing page

Swag Not Lag campaign landing page (with promo clicked)


Hope Armstrong

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